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The growing mindset of people when they visit a website is that the better the design and functionalities, the more credible and liable the site is. And it’s surprisingly true for it means there are real people behind , crafting the website to be more user friendly and people who aspire to offer the best service to customers.  That simply is just my first impression of Viralkick; good design and functionalities plus an excellent live customer support.  The site is very easy to navigate and the purchase processes are clear enough.

But here we go; the price is always a concern.  I checked on the available packages and fortunately found out that the prices are reasonable. Convinced with that, I purchase 5 000 YouTube Views for $10, hoping that my video will be seen by more people and be ranked up from being buried along with many videos on YouTube. And I was glad the delivery was completed exactly on the specified date.

I keep an eye to my video status everyday looking for improvements not just on the number of views but also the ranking for that will make the difference. There was indeed a little improvement but not as high as my expectation. What I was thinking is that once the delivery of views is done, my video will also be soaring in the ranking.

I visited the site and exchanged chats with the customer support, he explained that YouTube views doesn’t really get your video on to the top right after the total number of views are delivered but this helps attracts to get more and more organic views. Big number of views triggers curiosity; I myself first check on the number of views for a certain video before I click play.  The good thing about Viralkick is that they do not just sell but also care for their customers, they even give me more tips regarding the right way to better rank up my video aside from the views I purchased.

There’s something more I like about Viralkick. It’s surprising when I found out that there are lower prices inside the client portal after I signed up.  They have exciting discounts and freebies by doing simple things. Let’s take for instance the 20% discount for all your orders once you signed up to be a premium user. Other than that, you can also gain a 10% referral discount for every person you referred and who made a purchase. Or if you want a quite bigger discount, their reseller program helps you get more discounts.

Viralkick also claims that they offer 100% Money Back Guarantee as long as it’s justifiable.  These are reasons like undelivered orders, incomplete number of views and anything valid enough.  However, I won’t assure you with that since I haven’t tried asking for a refund so far.

I can’t help myself to recommend Viralkick as one of the best YouTube Views suppliers. Here are some of the key points that made my total impression to the site:

  • Excellent Customer Support
  • User-friendly Website
  • Low and Competitive Prices
  • Discounts and freebies
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